Albatros over the city of Zakopane

Flying over Zakopane, the unmanned aerial vehicle ‘Albatros’ collected essential data for creating post-storm damages orthophotograph.

Data collection for an area of 1.5 km square took him about 40 minutes. The unmanned plane was flying automatically on the programmed route, visible to the pilot-operator at every moment and could be switched to manual flight mode. The operator who performed the mission held the qualification certificate with the license to perform flights in visual line of sight (UAVO VLOS).

The orthophotograph entered the Crisis Information Centre of the Space Research Centre, where a team of specialists developed a map of damages. The materials were then given to the National Centre for Rescue Coordination and the Government Centre for Security, as well as to the local authorities responsible for crisis management. The mission over Zakopane was a scientific experiment conducted on the initiative of the Space Research Centre in cooperation with Novelty. The promising results suggest the use of technologies of data collection with unmanned planes will become increasingly popular in the future.


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