The Albatros System

ALBATROS is an autonomous system designed for professionals equipped with the unmanned airplane especially useful for photogrammetry and inspection of linear infrastructure or large areas. Its functionality allows among others to collect data for generating orthophotomaps, digital terrain models (DTM) and digital surface models (DSM). Additionally the system can be used in agriculture e.g. to determine the flora condition or surveillance purpose.

Our product is aimed at the most demanding user. The entire platform is manufactured from composite materials (carbon & aramid fibre) that make it extremely durable while maintaining light weight. Ultralight construction with cutting edge electric propulsion enables Albatros to achieve unique operational capabilities and performance.

System Features

Flight time up to 120 minutes
Flight range up to 120 km

Payload up to 2 kg
Resists wind of 15 m/s

ikony_autonomiaFully Automatic
Most operations are performed for you.

High Precision because of the GNSS RTK module.

Crash avoidance system

ikony_kompozytowyHigh Quality & Durability
Fully composite body.

ikony_zgrana_ekipaAvailable in a close-knit team
Consultancy – Delivery – Training – Assistance – Warranty – Service – Upgrading

Unmanned aerial system equipped with a fully composite motor glider with outstanding flight properties, characterised by its high resistance and durability.

Novelty RPAS GCS and Albatros - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator training

Unmanned aerial system equipped with a fully composite motor glider with outstanding flight properties, characterised by high resistance and durability.

One of the key features of this system, proving its remarkable usefulness, is its ability to perform a variety of tasks due to its selected modules.

ALBATROS automatically flies at desired altitude, saving georeferencial images of the terrain. The system is equipped with a self-stabilizing observation head which enables it to take high quality images or recordings even during gusty wind.

Albatross – An albatross aloft can be a spectacular sight. These feathered giants have the longest wingspan of any bird, up to 3.7 meters! Albatrosses use their formidable wingspans to ride the ocean winds and sometimes to glide for hours without rest or even a flap of their wings. An Albatross is able to travel 1000 km daily.

Mission planning involves identifying the designated terrain to carry out the flight at the Ground Flight Control Station. After uploading a route to the autopilot the plane is ready to be hand-launched.

Thanks to the GNSS RTK GPS/GLONASS module, our drone can be navigated by an autopilot with centimeter-level positioning accuracy

We use Albatros system for Photomapping.

The system has been designed to meet the needs of users who desire a selection of various optical devices depending on the task. The modular system allows for quick and convenient exchange of observational heads with integrated electromechanical stabilization. Novelty RPAS  provides heads that allow you to move two optical devices at the same time.

Gimbal 1X

Modules offered with our system define its functionality.

Allows creating accurate maps, orthophotomaps, 3D terrain models, performing measurements and taking remarkable aerial photos.

Module designed for forest observation and protection.

Module designed for detecting the condition of plants using near-infrared (NIR) or multispectral (MCA) camera.

ALBATROS, equipped with a GeoScanner (24 MP, 20 mm) module remaining in the air for 120 minutes, can collect data on the following parameters for orthophotomaps in visible light.

Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) Altitude (AGL) Area (O65%, S20%) Area (O85%, S65%)
30 cm 1500 m 125 km2 58 km2
20 cm 1000 m 85 km2 39 km2
10 cm 500 m 45 km2 20 km2
5 cm 250 m 23 km2 10 km2
3 cm 150 m 14 km2 6,1 km2
2 cm 100 m 9,3 km2 3,9 km2

Moreover Albatros can collect data from 100 km segment of linear infrastructure in 100 minutes flight.

O (overlap) – coverage in the flight line direction
S (sidelap) – coverage in the lateral direction





  • Linia elektroenergetyczna 400 kV - Zabrze-Rokitnica
    Detection and prevention of possible breakages to electricity/telecommunication poles as well as ground/submarine pipelines.
  • Fragment mapy zniszczeń
    Surveillance of the environment aiding rescue services in land, water and mountainous regions.
  • GeoSkaner Albatrosem | Operacje UAV Novelty RPAS
    Precise terrain mapping for land surveying and spatial planning.
  • Obserwacja dronem | Drony dla firm | Novelty RPAS
    Security, tracking and monitoring people and property. Monitoring mass events and aerial support during pursuits.
  • Pilszcz Branice - Numeryczny Model Pokrycia Terenu
    Three dimensional terrain mapping, assistance in planning operations, determination of area and volume.
  • GeoSkaner Albatrosem | Operacje UAV Novelty RPAS
    Conducting quality analysis, development and plant health, records of plots.
  • Obserwacja dronem | Drony dla firm | Novelty RPAS
    Forest observation aimed at prevention and fire detection, response and detection of raw meterials theft and wild animal documentation.
  • Monitoring mienia dronem - Skierniewice | Novelty RPAS
    Accurate aerial imaging.