Novelty RPAS focuses on the design and production of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems for civil and police-related applications. We develop industrial grade systems for professionals based on airframes, rotary platforms and aerostats. The industrial solutions we offer in an automated, efficient and environmentally friendly way help to:

  • lower costs of operation,
  • shorten time of performing operations, when necessary,
  • increase safety and comfort for working personnel,
  • obtain highly accuracy data, that is hard or impossible to obtain by other means,
  • obtain objective information,
  • perform operations from any location (without special landing infrastructure),
  • save operation costs, when compared to manned aerial vehicles.

At Novelty RPAS we believe in the “people first” rule, in people that are passionate, engaged, dedicated to their work and always ready to serve customers. Our team consists of specialists with over 12-years of experience in the field of design and use of unmanned aerial devices.

How we work

  • Zespół Novelty RPAS | Drony dla firm
    Close to Our Customers
  • Zespół Novelty RPAS
    With Idea
  • Projektowanie dronów | Novelty RPAS | Ośrodek dronów
    With Passion
  • Zespół Novelty RPAS
    With Smile
  • Zespół Novelty RPAS
    With Full Engagement
  • Zespół Novelty RPAS
    With Short Breaks :-)
  • Projektowanie dronów w Novelty RPAS | Profesjonalne drony dla firm
    On 100% of our possibilities
  • Zespół Novelty RPAS
  • Zespół Novelty RPAS
    In a Family Atmosphere
  • Projektowanie dronów w Novelty RPAS | Profesjonalne drony dla firm
    As a Team

Our mission

We develop technologies allowing to improve broadly defined safety and reduce human influence on the environment. We promote Polish technical know-how and support young engineers to develop their careers. We help people to cross barriers of modern technologies and enjoy their passions.


We establish international standards in the unmanned aerial vehicle industry. Our products are made with precision and ready for reliable application in any conditions. The solutions we create are user-friendly and intuitive in operation.
The core of our company is a tight-knit team of qualified specialist ready to meet even the most ambitious challenges. We are characterized by dedication and diligence and always keep the promises we made. The business relationships that we build are lasting. The execution of professional projects constitutes a continuation of our hobbies.

Our values

The term “Novelty” stands for innovation, uniqueness, source of new quality and freshness, it complies with the company motto that motivates us to continuous improvement in order to increase world-wide standards in the field of unmanned aerial systems, while the term “RPAS” is the official abbreviation that stands for “Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems” and accurately describes the nature of unmanned systems. The term “RPAS” was established with reference to works on integration of unmanned systems in European airspace. Commonly this term is used alternately with the terms “UAS” (Unmanned Aerial Systems), “UAV” (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or colloquially “drone”.