skyMARK - advertising or surveillance airship

SkyMARK is a advertising balloon in the shape of an airship. The lateral surface can be covered by an advertisement and the coating can be back-lit so that the airship is visible by day and night. The airship can float up to 150 metres above the ground. The balloon is connected with a mobile control station, on which the rotary mooring mast is build-up. Aerodynamic optimization enabled the creation of the coating shape with low coefficient of air resistance, so that the airship can fly at air velocity reaching even 8 m/s.

If you are planning an unconventional advertising campaign, this solution is just for you! Do you want your event to catch the attention of the entire city? A piece of cake! Just release the advertising balloon at 150 metres height and people’s eyes within 5 km radius will be drawn like moths to a flame! Simple human curiosity will bring many to the ground station of the airship.

The system can be deployed by two people. Installation time is about 1 hour. After the installation the system is maintenance-free. Height adjustment is facilitated by an electric rope winch. Release for the maximum height lasts only 5 minutes.

The coating is made of polyurethane, individual units are welded by ultrasonic-beam which ensures substantial tightness. The balloon can be filled with helium with purity of 95%. Helium is a low molecular gas therefore it passes across the coating even if it is completely tight. Addition of gas in the main compartment takes about 3 minutes.

The coating can be lit with RGB LED lights and their colour and light intensity can be remotely controlled. Additionally, it is possible to mount a ballast up to 10 kg on the airship, for example – a surveillance camera.

skyMARK 9 Maximum flight time Unlimited
(It is advisable to check and add helium to the coating every 24 hours)
Advertising reach 4km – at this distance the airship is visible
Flight height from 50 to 150 metres
Advertisement dimensions 4.5 metres long, 1.5 metres high
Carrier gas Helium of at least 95% purity
Maximum air velocity 8 m/s
Length 9 metres
Diameter 3 metres
Maximum load 10 kg
Inner lighting
RGB LED remotely controlled
Empty weight of coating 30 kg
Ground Control Station
Mobile with rotary mast
Coating volume
60 metres square
Number of cylinders in the Control Station
Installation time
up to 60 minutes

For more detailed information please contact our consultant.