Observation is an area connected with services delivered by unmanned platforms. The selection of an adequate platform is preceded by the client’s expectations analysis, air traffic restrictions check and establishment of sites for take-off and landing.

  • search and rescue
  • monitoring
  • detection
  • infrastructure control

Services are comprehensively provided by staff holding UAVO qualification certificate with VLOS, BVLOS, INS, TOR entitlements.


Search and rescue service. Airborne assistance of missions, providing images from infrared and daylight video cameras to the command staff. Development of orthophotomaps of a terrain affected by a disaster. Location of people by using thermo-visual cameras and setting their location coordinates.


Conducting ground surveillance of stationary and mobile objects. We offer performing flights both during the day and at night. We use tools suitable for a particular mission – an aerostat, unmanned aircraft or multirotor.


Carrying out video recording control over objects such as pipelines, power grids, rail or road infrastructure. Developing 3D spatial models and point clouds. Missions planned in advance are performed in segregated airspace elements.

Chief Commercial Officer
Tomasz Siwy
+48 514 749 424

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