We provide trainings in piloting of unmanned aerial systems and operating of ground-based data processing systems in 10 locations all over Poland.

Szkolenie UAVO w Novelty RPAS
  • Professional staff
  • Years of experience
  • High quality
  • Wide selection of qualifications
  • Registered as a training entity by the Civilian Aviation Authority and Silesian Governor’s Office
  • Friendly atmosphere

Our staff consists of constructors and operators of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), air traffic controllers, as well as professional instructors and pilots. In 2014 we trained over 70 people. All of our trainees who took the exam have succeeded in passing it.

In order to perform unmanned platforms commercial flights it is required to have the UAVO (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator) qualification certificate. The certificate is issued by the Civilian Aviation Authority upon satisfactory completion of theoretical and practical examination.

Current licences held by the UAVO Training Centre of Novelty RPAS company:

Conducting trainings based on entry in the register of training entities of Civilian Aviation Authority no 130RPS-02/2015/2. At the moment the training centre is equipped in platforms: aircraft in the category up to 25 kg.

  • VLOS – Visual Line of Sight Rating – basic rating to perform flights in visua line of sight
  • BVLOS – Beyond Visual Line of Sight Rating –  basic rating to perform flights in and beyond visual line of sight
  • INS UAVO – Instructor Rating

Our UAVO training centre is entered in the register of training entities of the Silesian Labour Office under the registration number 2.24/00302/2014. We invite to cooperation all unemployed people and entrepreneurs who are interested in trainings financed by the Labour Offices.

Oliver Kurgan | Novelty RPAS

Oliver Kurgan
Training Department Director
Unmanned aerial vehicle Operator and Instructor (A, H, MR)
Designer of automatic and electronic control systems in unmanned aerial vehicles

Maciej Stołtny | Novelty RPAS

Maciej Stołtny
Training Department Manager
Instructor, Lecturer (Basics of the Aviation Law and Aviation Procedures)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator (A, MR)
Air Traffic Controller

Join the ranks of our satisfied trainees:

The course with Novelty had prepared me exceptionally well for the exam! If you want the license - there's no better place! I strongly recommend them, you will not be disappointed! Next up - BVLOS!

Piotr Walczak
Piotr Walczak

Once again I would like to thank you for the thorough preparation. The knowledge I gained will certainly allow me to use the airspace safely.

Dariusz Depta, Dario
Dariusz Depta, Dario

Thanks for efficient and thoroughly conducted UAVO (VLOS) training. I can recommend trainings with Novelty RPAS with great pleasure. Special greetings to Marcel Kotas and Maciej Stołtny. :)

Piotr Olechnowicz
Piotr Olechnowicz

Being trained by people with years of experience effectively prepares you for passing the UAVO exam and above all, trains you for safe movement in airspace and safe mission planning. Definitely it is worth to take part in the training!

Gotowydolotu Pl
Gotowydolotu Pl

I have just finished Novelty RPAS training and I can honestly say - first class! It is a truly high level of UAVO VLOS training! I would like to thank all the lecturers (no exceptions!) for passed knowledge. Now the last thing is the exam... and that's it! ;)

Mirosław Stelmaszczyk
Mirosław Stelmaszczyk

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Many thanks!

Piloting unmanned platforms in visual line of sight for commercial purposes
(Exam preparation for UAVO qualification certificate with VLOS license)

Piloting unmanned platforms beyond visual line of sight)
(Exam preparation for UAVO qualification certificate with BVLOS license)

Our support and additional information

  • We help our trainees in all the activities connected with taking the national exam: we give advice regarding Aviation Medical Examiners (AME), operators’ Third Party Insurance, we help in setting the national exam date i and deal with all the formalities connected with it
  • We can offer renting an aerial platform along with an instructor for the duration of the national practical exam
  • Apart from training we can offer comprehensive service including meals and accommodation (for visitors)
  • Coffee breaks during theoretical part of the trainings